Industries we serve

Government Contractors

In order to fulfil most government contracts, we recognise that our clients need cash flow. Factoring with Tekla Finance can provide important cashflow to our clients who are government contractors in order to complete a contract effectively.

IT Solution Providers

The monumental development and use of technology over the past 20 years has fundamentally changed the way we live. Technology companies have many new opportunities to pursue. Tekla Finance believes that technology companies who use factoring as their source of cash flow are in a much better financial position to take on more work as well as offer superior service to their existing clients.


Our clients into infrastructure and heavy construction work depend on regular cash flow to keep their business productive.

Renewable Energy

The demand for solar renewable energy is growing in Nigeria. With the increased demand for sustainable power, renewable energy contractors and companies need steady cash flow to keep up with demand. Tekla Finance offers the necessary financing to help them accept and win new contracts by providing them with instant cash on their invoices.

Corporate Culture

Our mission is to offer companies excellent financing solutions, ensuring security and transparency of operations and transactions while maintaining the highest standards of ethical behaviour.

Core Values

              • Versatility
              • Partnership
              • Candour
              • Questioning
              • Teamwork