about us

Breastplate integrated solutions provides integrated building management, security and safety system solutions that is very scalable, energy efficient and controllable from a central point..

We offer this solutions to businesses across all sectors including residential,corporate and governments.

Unique Corporate Proposition

BreastPlate Integrated Solutions is furnished with highly trained and qualified teams of skilled professionals and technicians. The company implements security systems in close co-ordination with its clients at every stage of the implementation process from the survey stage, through the detailed design, installation and testing, and commissioning.

Here is what we promise to offer you.

1. House and industrial Automations

we can design and build automated control systems that will increase the safety,
quality, productivity, and efficiency of your operation

Our business activities encompass of factory and process automation,
building installation and services, as well as product distributorship
ranging from general electrical components to more specialized automation
control and professional lighting system.

2. Security solutions and communication

We provide manned security solutions for a wide range of businesses,  including residential, corporate and governments with global best practice,
worldwide standards.

  • Mobile Panic/Human/Vehicle Tracking                         
  • Surveillance systems (CCTV)
  • Escort Services (only in Lagos)
  • Central alarm system complemented by 24hrs patrol and emergency armed response (only in Lagos)
  • Units for special operations, surveillance and monitoring
  • Research and investigations
  • Command and control systems
  • Access Control/Time & Attendance Systems.

Our team of expert consultants and systems engineers are here to give you excellent support.

3. Smart homes

Our team of expert consultants and systems engineers who offer reliable installations that fit clients’ specifications and even post-installation maintenance for new and existing homes. The smart home features include intelligent lighting, alarm control solutions, multi-room audio and video
streaming, automated shades, climate control solutions and home security.

4. Basic foundation training for Engineering and technical services.

This training program is aims to prepare you for a role as an IT & Engineering Support Specialist. In this training, you’ll be introduced to the world of Information Technology,

5. General Training :

We also offer specific and specialized training for both private, corporate and government parastal to enhance optimum performance
in work places and to be up to date with current technology and new work trends.

List of Current Corporate Clients

The company since inception has been dedicated to providing technology-based security solutions to the ever increasing safety and security needs of individuals, banks, corporate organizations and government parastatals.

Technical Partners (Nigeria & overseas)